8:00 p.m., Mar 24, 2020 (PST/PDT)

Shadowverse Portal Update

World Uprooted cards have been added to Shadowverse Portal. Until the official release on March 30 (PT), deck codes for Rotation decks can be used to make Rotation (Prerelease) decks.

We've also made some updates to ensure that the information on Shadowverse Portal accurately reflects the most recent update.

Change details:

The wording for some cards has been revised to be more understandable, but there is no difference to how the cards actually work.

The new keyword Avarice has been added to Ogre Champion, Bear Pelt Warrior, and Sharanzaya, Masked Mayhem.

The new keyword Wrath has been added to Valnareik, Omen of Lust, Antelope Pelt Warrior, Cougar Pelt Warrior, Aragavy the Berserker, and Permafrost Behemoth.

Until the March 30 (PT) update, there will be some differences between the content in-game and on Shadowverse Portal:

- Cards usable in Rotation
(While Rotation deck codes can be created, some cards can't be used)
- Changes to card text

Shadowverse Team