8:00 p.m., Sep 24, 2018 (PST/PDT)

Omen of the Ten Cards Added

Omen of the Ten cards have been added to Shadowverse Portal.

We've also made some updates to ensure that the information on Shadowverse Portal accurately reflects the content of the September update.

1. Bayle of the Gleaming Axe has been renamed Luxglaive Bayle to more closely reflect the role of the character in the game.

2. Jabberwock, Nightmare Spawn's effect text has been updated in order to reflect how the card works more accurately.

3. Gremory has been limited to one copy in Unlimited.

4. Vengeful Puppeteer Noah's cost has increased from 9 to 10.

5. Nicholas, Stalwart Inventor's cost has been increased from 4 to 5, its attack/defense has been increased from 4/3 (evolved: 6/5) to 5/4 (evolved: 7/6), and its Enhance effect has been changed.

Fanfare: Summon a Go, Go, Robomi!
Fanfare: Enhance (8) - Subtract 3 from the Countdown of all allied Go, Go, Robomi! amulets.

Fanfare: Summon a Go, Go, Robomi!
Fanfare: Enhance (8) - Subtract 3 from that amulet's Countdown.

6. Valse, Magical Marksman's defense has been increased from 1 (evolved: 3) to 2 (evolved: 4).

7. Purson's Accelerate cost will be decreased from 9 to 8.

Although the liquefy values for Gremory; Vengeful Puppeteer Noah; and Nicholas, Stalwart Inventor have not been changed on Shadowverse Portal, please be assured that these cards will temporarily yield more vials when liquefied (see the "Changes to Cards in the September 26 Release" announcement).

Shadowverse Team