10:30 p.m., Apr 25, 2018 (PST/PDT)

Shadowverse Portal Update

We have made an update to ensure that the information on Shadowverse Portal accurately reflects the content of the April update.

The following has been updated:

1. The legendary Shadowcraft follower, Corpselord of Woe's attack will be raised from 4 (evolved: 4) to 5 (evolved: 5), and its effect will now cost 4 shadows instead of 6.

2. The silver Shadowcraft spell, Troth's Curse will now cost 2 instead of 3.

3. Queen Magnus the Black's effect text will be updated to more accurately reflect how the card works.

4. The spelling for card name Everdark Stryx will be changed to Everdark Strix.

Thank you for your continued support. We hope you keep enjoying Shadowverse!

Shadowverse Team