8:30 a.m., Jun 28, 2017 (PST/PDT)

Shadowverse Portal Update

We have made some updates to ensure that the information on Shadowverse Portal accurately reflects the content of the June update.

The following has been updated:
1. Shadow Reaper (Shadowcraft follower): This card now costs 3 play points instead of 2.
2. Test of Strength (Neutral amulet): This card now has the effect "Countdown (2) Give all followers in play and all followers that come into play Ward." The previous effect was, "Countdown (2) Leaders cannot be attacked if there is a follower that can be attacked in their area."

Also, although the liquefy values for Shadow Reaper and Test of Strength have not been changed on Shadowverse Portal, please be assured that these cards will temporarily yield more vials when liquefied (see the "Changes to Cards in the June Release" announcement).

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you continue to enjoy the Shadowverse experience!

Shadowverse Team