Hozumi, Enchanting Hostess

Unevolved Hozumi, Enchanting Hostess
Hozumi, Enchanting Hostess
Evolved Hozumi, Enchanting Hostess
Hozumi, Enchanting Hostess
  • Unevolved



    Fanfare: If at least 4 other cards were played this turn, banish all other allied followers. Then, put X random Forestcraft followers of different costs (excluding Hozumi, Enchanting Hostess) from your deck into play. X equals the number of followers banished.

    The cost for a night? Just a scream will suffice! Fear is a tanuki's favorite treat—I can't get enough of it! Please make yourself at home at our lovely inn of illusions.
    —Ancient Bamboo Inn, IV

  • Evolved



    Evolve: Transform 2 enemy followers into Fairies.

    The weary man couldn't believe what he was seeing. The tanuki asked once again, "You look like you could use some quality time with Mother Nature. How about it?"
    A hallucination? Regardless, he felt an incredible urge to seek out the nearest forest.

Card Details
  • Trait: Festive
  • Class: Forestcraft
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Create: -
  • Liquefy:


    / 2,500 (Animated)

  • Card Pack: Paradise (24th)