Bayleon, Shining Sovereign

Unevolved Bayleon, Shining Sovereign
Bayleon, Shining Sovereign
Evolved Bayleon, Shining Sovereign
Bayleon, Shining Sovereign
  • Unevolved



    Fanfare: If at least 10 allied cards have left play this match, evolve this follower.

    "Viridia Magna created Naterra. We cannot oppose her."
    Forever dreaming, forever hoping...
    "We are Sköll. We seek to confer with the Virtuous Mother."
    The Forest King seeks to become the light that will illuminate his kingdom.

  • Evolved



    When this follower evolves, give your leader the following effect: Once each turn, when an allied Naterran World Tree is destroyed, put a Luminous Blade into your hand. (This effect is not stackable and lasts for the rest of the match.)

    "Aye, 'tis certain that Mánagarmr thinks us foolish."
    Unwavering eyes peer into the shadow-ridden forest.
    "And yet I won't abandon our cause. We will join under one banner again."
    The Forest King stands tall, his proclamation delivered.

Card Details
  • Trait: Cmdr./Nat.
  • Class: Swordcraft
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Create: 3,500
  • Liquefy:


    / 2,500 (Animated)

  • Card Pack: Heroes (32nd)