Warden of Honor

Unevolved Warden of Honor
Warden of Honor
Evolved Warden of Honor
Warden of Honor
  • Unevolved



    Crystallize (1): Countdown (1)
    Fanfare: Add 1 to your Rally count.
    Last Words: Draw a card.
    Fanfare: Summon a Warden of Honor. Evolve all unevolved allied Warden of Honors.

    Eager to fathom the world below, I became a pirate's apprentice. The captain was a just and noble man, though his daughter was not. On the day she mutinied against her father, I learned man's true capacity for evil.
    —Transmigration of Forbearance, Part 1

  • Evolved



    (Same as the unevolved form, excluding Fanfare.)

    Extolling the merits of sin, she attacked the captain and those loyal to him. My final memory from within that burning ship was glimpsing the teary-eyed father renounce his wayward daughter as she cursed his name.
    —Transmigration of Forbearance, Part 2

Card Details
  • Trait: Cmdr./Cdmn.
  • Class: Swordcraft
  • Rarity: Gold
  • Create: 800
  • Liquefy:


    / 600 (Animated)

  • Card Pack: Azvaldt (27th)