Twinfang Dragonewt

Unevolved Twinfang Dragonewt
Twinfang Dragonewt
Evolved Twinfang Dragonewt
Twinfang Dragonewt
  • Unevolved



    Accelerate (2): Give +0/+2 to a Dragoncraft follower in your hand. Draw a card. (Can be played only when there is a targetable card in your hand.)
    Fanfare: Subtract 2 from the costs of all Dragoncraft followers in your hand whose defense has been increased.

    A descendent of the destructive dragons. Shunned from the skies by her own kind, the dragonewt despaired. A she-wolf grieving the loss of her pup happened upon the dragonewt, and raised her as her own.
    "Grr... Groar!" "Let's go, Mother!"

  • Evolved



    (Same as the unevolved form, excluding Fanfare.)

    Who needs wings anyway!
    The shunned dragonewt forsook the skies she once longed to roam.
    As long as I'm with Mother, I can fly anywhere!
    "You'll be my wings... and I'll be your claws!" "Groar!"

Card Details
  • Trait: -
  • Class: Dragoncraft
  • Rarity: Gold
  • Create: 800
  • Liquefy:


    / 600 (Animated)

  • Card Pack: Calamity