Covenant Mage

Unevolved Covenant Mage
Covenant Mage
Evolved Covenant Mage
Covenant Mage
  • Unevolved



    Spellboost: Subtract 1 from the cost of this card.
    Fanfare: Draw a card.

    For the first time in our history, we're sharing the fruit of our research with the public: lifeforms to supplement the workforce and teleportation magic to help people get around... I don't know if you can call our work noble, but it still feels great to do our part.

  • Evolved



    It was Eleanor who decided we needed to be part of Isunia's restoration: "You can learn as much from the world outside as you can from grimoires." Oh, you misunderstand; I don't disagree. It's just... the look on her face... she's really changed for the better, you know?

Card Details
  • Trait: -
  • Class: Runecraft
  • Rarity: Silver
  • Create: 200
  • Liquefy:


    / 120 (Animated)

  • Card Pack: Renascent (21st)